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Why trust us

To ensure our content is the best it can possibly be, we employ a number of processes before delivery of our news and web content.

Our team of editors verify every piece of content by proofing, editing and creating headlines that do not mislead our readers. We ensure that all facts and information is correct and updated. The site also provides graphs and prices through APIs from CoinMarketCap or CoinAPI and keeps them updated. 

At Social Trading Guru, we’re committed to producing error-free, factual and informative writing to keep our readers informed as best we can on the latest trading and investing news, reviews, tips and tricks.

We also collaborate solely with reputable companies, so any services we review are guaranteed to be trustworthy and legitimate trading platforms. We decide this by only writing about companies that meet the standards of our values framework, so we can assure all of our readers that they will receive impartial and objective analysis of the state of the market.