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Traders To Follow

Social Trading Traders to Follow and Copy

Traders to FollowIn this section we mention and discuss some traders which you can follow and copy in your demo social trading accounts. Please note that these traders are included here for educational purposes only and do not constitute investment advice. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. These include ZuluTrade Signal Providers, eToro Popular Investors and others we often currently follow as well. However they’re a complete mirror of what we do at the moment since we don’t keep these up-to-date on a daily basis.

We discuss with each trader the reasoning we used for copying them, based on the rules and reasoning we discuss in full detail in our tips section. Hence this demonstrates how you can use a trading plan or strategy to select traders on the social trading networks. In no way are we saying these are the only top or best traders you can follow. That will totally depend on your own trading and investment objectives.

In summary we:

  • look for a proven track record with consistent results and money management strategy
  • prefer to copy traders who watch the market instead of automated systems (exception is if a trader uses a system to automatically get in/out but still watches market to intercept if necessary)
  • prefer to copy short term traders with closely managed stop levels

ZuluTade Signal Providers to Follow:

We now created a dedicated page where we discuss some of the traders (signal providers) you can copy on ZuluTrade (click here).

Also keep an eye out for our ZuluTrade Signal Provider reviews.

eToro Popular Investors to Copy:

We’ve also created a dedicated page where we provide some insight on the eToro Popular Investors (Gurus) you can follow and copy (click here).

Ayondo Top Traders to Follow:

Ayondo also has a good choice of traders you can copy and the following 3 traded fairly consistent with relatively low risk so far. “Mr Dachs” (fairly short term real money trader with focus on indices and stocks), “HPMStefanRisse” (real money short to medium term trader with relatively low drawdown for the returns made – over 1 year trade history) and “simplytrader” (short term trader on the German index with one year history).

Signal Trader Systems to Follow:

We have a dedicated page on which you can see the current best performing signal providers on Signal Trader (click here).

General Traders to Follow:

You can also refer to our list of top performing traders across various social trading networks.