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Signal Trader Top Systems

Please note that Signal Trader closed on December 5th 2016 – other copy trading platforms are still available.

Below is an updated real-time snapshot of Signal Trader’s current leading systems. You can follow any of these systems and apply your own ratio (i.e. risk). Each system needs to go through Signal Trader’s long and methodical auditing before they get added. Each system also needs to:

  • have a live trading account with a minimum balance of $2,000
  • have at least 3 months of trading history on the account
  • have a maximum historical drawdown percentage of no more than 15%
  • have achieved at least 3% net profit over the account lifetime

Occasionally low or none performing systems get removed over time and new ones added (once they pass all auditing criteria).


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  • $100,000 Demo Account!
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