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PTWM2015 Review ZuluTrade Trader September 2013

This review of was written on September 4th 2013 at which time PTWM2015 was ranked 43th in the ZuluRanking and was also 7th in terms of popularity with almost $2.7 million real money following them. This trader has been trading on ZuluTrade for 27 weeks. Based on PTWM2015’s ZuluTrade trade history and profile, here’s our review of this Spanish based trader:

PTWM2015 Pros:

  • every month profitable to date
  • good overall historical risk reward ratio
  • has applied some stop levels

PTWM2015 Cons:

  • still limited trading history (6 months)
  • strategy description doesn’t fully match trading style
  • maximum open trades and stop level unknown (i.e. total risk unknown)
  • does not trade with own money
  • risk taking has increased over time

Review Summary:

The pips profit graph of PTWM2015 (see image below) shows an overall increase, though the month of August was clearly fairly rocky with the highest drawdown so far. Total pips profit to date is almost 14,000 pips which is well over 2,000 per month.

These results were achieved against an open trades drawdown of -2,220 pips and an account drawdown of -2,618.5 pips. Hence the historical maximum drawdown for PTWM2015 is only slightly more than the historical monthly returns. This is pretty healthy and gives a reasonable historic risk reward ratio. An average profit of 13 pips per trade is also a decent number on ZuluTrade.

PTWM2015 describes his strategy as mainly scalping “Clean Board” strategy, mentioning that some trades will run longer term. 10 different pairs have been traded so far. Profit targets mentioned in his ZuluTrade strategy description are 10-500 pips with maximum stop levels 100-200 pips. Compared to the actual strategy it’s actually clear that 200 isn’t the maximum stop level since plenty of trades went past this level, the worst single trade so far being -315 pips.

The maximum number of open trades required to follow PTWM2015 isn’t mentioned in their ZuluTrade strategy description. So far the maximum has been 17 open trades though this occurred only for the first time in August. Up until then the maximum was 13. This is not a great sign, since the additional open trades were opened during a period where they were added to existing losing positions. While PTWM2015’s strategy is not totally Martingale, some aspects of it are since during the maximum drawdown period 11 trades of the 17 were opened in the same pair and direction.

Since the maximum open trades and maximum stop levels are unclear this is clearly a higher risk signal provider. However, one positive aspect is that PTWM2015 did close a trade series of 7 open trades for a total loss of over -1,000 pips before. I.e. the positive part of this is that PTWM2015 does seem to take some losses and that he hasn’t left all his trades open in the past until they eventually turned profitable again. If this trader would trade on ZuluTrade with their own money it would add some level of confidence that the overall risk isn’t unlimited, though they don’t.

In summary, while it’s difficult to argue with the results achieved by PTWM2015 so far, these results have been achieved for a fairly high pips drawdown (though relative against the profits it’s still acceptable). The risk taken also seems to have increased over time. Any ZuluTrade investor considering following this trader should clearly consider their risk settings since it’s highly likely at some stage in the future the drawdown will be higher than the current maximum.

Please note that any trader reviews are included here for information purposes only. They do not constitute investment advice. Trading on leveraged financial instrument is very risky. Always consult an independent financial advisor if you’re not sure and never invest money you cannot afford to lose.

PTWM2015 ZuluTrade performance graph September 2013
PTWM2015 ZuluTrade performance until September 4th 2013