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PooTumVV Review ZuluTrade Trader September 2014

This trader review looks at PooTumVV and was written September 22nd 2014. At this time this ZuluTrade signal provider was ranked first in the ZuluRanking. PooTumVV also has just over $1,750,000 following them and has been trading on the network for 64 weeks. Based on PooTumVV’s ZuluTrade profile and historical trades, here’s our review of this Thailand based trader:

PooTumVV Pros:

  • overall profitable
  • over 1 year trade history
  • uses clear stop levels and only open maximum 1 trade
  • only 2 losing months so far
  • good historical average pips per trade return
  • focuses on 1 currency pair

PooTumVV Cons:

  • sends signal from demo account (i.e. does not risk own money)
  • returns better in first 8 months than the last 7 months
  • relative high historical account drawdown
  • limited returns so far for followers

Review Summary:

The profit graph for PooTumVV (see below) is overall ascending, though arguably not very gradual. When looking at the monthly performance we can notice that most of the profits were booked in 3 to 4 very profitable months, while January 2014 was the only significantly losing month with -378 pips (also their most active month).

Overall 2,744 pips of profit have been booked by PooTumVV on ZuluTrade so far which averages at about 183 pips per month. However over the past 6 months only just over 500 pips profit were booked so the most recent performance of PooTumVV seems to be less profitable than their first 6-7 months on ZuluTrade.

Maximum open trade drawdown was -104 pips. However because only 1 trade is opened at the same time we should consider the account drawdown for PooTumVV when evaluating their risk reward. This was about -580, or a bit more than the average returns over 3 months. It’s not one of the worst risk reward ratios, but also not one of the best.

PooTumVV describe their strategy as pure technical using a 15 time timeframe. They target profit of 115-130 pips per trade with stop losses around 75-80 pips. I’ve not tried to replicate the strategy so unfortunately cannot comment if it is totally exact. From the times the trades are opened it does look like they’re opened by an EA robot. The profit targets and stop losses PooTumVV mentions in their ZuluTrade strategy description seem to match the results of their actual historical trades. In fact the average pips profit per trade is 20 pips, which is actually a pretty healthy number (which should also reduce the impact of slippage).

All trades within this strategy are in the EUR/JPY pair. It’s worth mentioning that in addition to this trading strategy, this trader also seems to have 4 other newer strategies running on ZuluTrade. Two of them as well trading the EUR/JPY pair while the other two focus on the USD/JPY pair. All of them so far are in positive territory, though they’ve not been running for over 6 months. Because of the number of strategies running it seems fairly clear that all of them are managed by EAs.

PooTumVV so far has only made about $3,500 in total for their top 5 ZuluTrade followers. This is a low number, especially taking into account the number #1 ranking and hence popularity. Obviously the number is low because the recent performance has been fairly flat, though it also may reflect the fact that followers are not risking massive amounts based on PooTumVV’s historical risk return ratio.

PooTumVV does not trade with their own money either at the moment. They do however provide regular status updates and tend to respond to some of the followers questions.

In summary, this purely technical trader has returned some reasonable pips over the past 15 months on ZuluTrade with their trading strategy which only opens 1 trade at the same time. PooTumVV ‘s average profits of 20 pips per trade is pretty good. However, taking into account the historical account drawdown, the risk/return is not that good. Performance over the last 6 months has also slowed down too, though arguable still been positive.

Please click here to view PooTumVV’s real-time performance.


PooTumVV pips profit graph ZuluTrade Sep 2014
PooTumVV ZuluTrade performance until September 22nd 2014

Please note that any ZuluTrade trader reviews are included here for educational purposes only. The inclusion of a trader should not be considered as an endorsement of that trader. FX trading can be highly risky. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose and always consult an independent financial advisor when you’re not sure.