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ZuluTrade Signal Provider Rank Update – October 2012

Going forward we’re going to update you with the main movers in the ZuluTrade Signal Provider ranking top 10 each month. I.e. which are the newcomers and which signal providers have disappeared (and why).

Below is a chart of the top 10 Zulu rank on October 2nd 2012, compared with the positions on September 1st 2012.

New Entries:

Please note that we’ll be posting a full review of the key new entries in the coming weeks.

for333: This Chinese based Signal Provider with 4 star reviews and over 1 year experience on ZuluTrade moves to nr 1 rank from 12 previous month.

for000: From 14 to 4, this looks very much like a different strategy from the same Signal Provider who’s in top position (well, their logo seems to suggest so at least)

QueVadisFX: This Greece SP makes another appearance in the top 10 (from 52) where they last appeared in March 2012

Analyst EUR: Analyst EUR makes its first appearance in the top 10.

Droid: Massive move up from 163 this ZuluTrade SP makes another appearance in top top 10. Their historical drawdown looks frightenly high and the fact that their very eratic ranking is not a great sign either.

SINIGAMI: Another Signal Provider with a massive historical drawdown moves into the top 10 from 25.

Main Losers:

We unfortunately lost the ZuluTrade rank table from September 1st, so cannot report on all the ones which dropped out of the top 10. However, the nr1 at that date, Pohingsystemmodel, has dropped to position 212. Looking at their results, this SP had a horrible month of September, raking in losses of over 2000 pips (1640 of which was already realised). It’s also noticeable that most of the closed trades were stopped out at the 500 pip level, which seems to be the arbitrary level most longer term or system traders put on their trades.

So, how could you have avoided this loss? Well, anyone who read our ZuluTrade tips will know to be wary about Signal Providers who:

– use a strategy which ads to losing positions in the “hope” the market will eventually turn (obviously it didn’t in this case!)

– don’t manage their stop (or close trades) based on the current market situation, but use the default 500 pip stop level
– have large historical drawdowns

However, if you’d invested in Pohingsystemmodel since January 1st 2012 you’d still be in positive territory (unless of course you increased your lot sizes during that period). In case you’d want to follow this type of trader, they key for not getting margin calls here would have been very conservative lot size settings. The account drawdown in September was a bit more than double than two previous drawdowns, which as mentioned in the ZuluTrade risk & money management tips section is the least you should be able to expect.

ZuluTrade Top 10 Signal Provider Rank October 2nd 2012
ZuluTrade Top 10 Signal Provider Rank October 2nd 2012



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