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ZuluTrade Signal Provider Rank Update – November 2012

Below is a chart of the top 10 Zulu rank on November 1st 2012, compared with the positions on October 2nd 2012. Overall there’re only 3 new entries and positions have not changed massively for the other signal providers (which is normally a good sign if you’d invested in them).

The main new entry in the top 10 is Artem1584, who actually straight away manages to get to the number 1 spots. We already added a full review for Artem1584 to our blog so won’t go into more details here. Another significant new entry is f8 who moves into 4th spot. They were already one of the most popular signal providers in terms of money invested in them and hence no real surprise. A review of f8 has already been added as well a few weeks ago. The other new entry is Planned Traders at number 10. Only if they sustain a top 10 position is it worth a review.

With regards to the losers, it only the bottom 8th, 9th and 10th ranked signal providers from October who didn’t manage a top 10 ranking in November. One of those, Analyst EUR was already reviewed and the other 2, Driod and SINIGAMI were not specifically popular.

So as mentioned above, not much movement for the others which is normally a good sign if you’ve invested in them and that should mean you had a decent month following the top ranked traders.

ZuluTrade SP Ranking November 1st 2012
ZuluTrade Signal Provider Ranking November 1st 2012

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