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ZuluTrade Signal Provider Popularity Update – November 2012

Below is a chart which shows the top 10 positions of the ZuluTrade Signal Providers on November 1st 2012 in term of the ‘amount following’, which is the amount people invested with this trader. It also shows whether they moved up or down in terms of positions within the top 10.

The highest newcomer is Qurenix whom we mentioned in our ‘ZuluTrade traders to follow‘ section already quite a while ago. This SPs performance keeps bringing in positive returns with low risk and hence no surprise everyone is getting in on the action. Also new are Zero Point Trades, who we aim to review next week, and Hetcz. You can already read our Hertcz review written a few weeks back.

Also notable are the significant increases in the money invested in for333 and essam elmolla. The 3 signal providers which dropped out are Analyst EUR, Yamato FX ver.A and fx-stratus, with this last one having a disastrous September for their ZuluTrade followers. It looks like this SP totally went against their own strategy which mentions losing trades will be cut at 300, because 4 trades lost 500 (or more). As a follower you might have slightly cut your losses if you’d have set your own stop level at 300 pips. Still, hard to see fx-stratus ever getting back into the top 10 after letting their followers down in this way.

ZuluTrade SP Popularity Top 10 November 2012
Top 10 of the ZuluTrade Signal Providers on November 1st 2012 compared to October 1st 2012

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