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ZuluTrade now offers its own trading API

ZuluTradeZuluTrade announced today the release of the first version of their our own trading API. The “ZuluTrading API” allows traders, who share their signals on the ZuluTrade social trading network, to submit their trading requests via their own custom program through this brand new REST API. I.e., instead of logging into their accounts to manually place your orders, close trades or update stops/limits, these signal providers can now configure their own program to do this. The API can be easily integrated with the programming environment the trader uses for running your own algorithm.

It’s worth noting that the API is currently available on beta mode, though any traders wanting to try in can contact ZuluTrade support in case the API doesn’t appear yet in their account. There’s also a detailed Step-by-step guide available online for the programming language of your choice to get you started. Yes, some programming skills are required but anyone with some basic skills will find using the ZuluTrading API very straightforward. This is the first version and ZuluTrade mentioned that new functionality such as getting your account history, statistics and price feed will be added in future releases.

We believe this is certainly a good addition to the toolset ZuluTrade already offered to traders to allow them to share their trades on the platform (which also includes MT4 terminal).

ZuluTrade is one of the world’s leading social trading networks connecting traders with followers. As experienced trader you can make extra money by becoming a ZuluTrade signal provider and get paid for any trades copied by investor followers.


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