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ZuluTrade launches The Automator

ZuluTrade have announced the official launch of The Automator, a powerful and easy-to-use new tool that enables you to create and execute your own automated rules.

The ZuluTrade Automator (try here) kind of acts like your personal assistant. It can watch and notify you when things happen on your account. And it can also automatically execute any actions you would do yourself when certain things happen.

Setting up a new rule is pretty easy. The picture below shows how to add a rule which adds a trailing stop of 10 pips to any trade from trader ConradBFX.


ZuluTrade Automator rule example
ZuluTrade Automator rule example

Other examples of ZuluTrade Automator rules:

• if PnL from Trader XYZ is higher than $500 then send me a notification email

• if floating PnL of my account is more than $1000 then close all trades

• if PnL from Trader XYZ is less than $500 then don’t open any further trades from this Trader

Among the social trading networks and copy trading platforms, ZuluTrade already had the widest range of features to help their customers manage their risk settings. Personally we think this tool is a very useful addition. We’ve not fully looked at or tried all combinations, but we will update our ZuluTrade tips soon to take into account this new tool and give some suggestions on how to make the best use of it.

So far we particularly like the options it gives us to lock in profits at individual Trader level, as well as adding more granular capital protection options in addition to the existing ZuluGuard Capital protection.


  • On Account properties
    • my balance
    • my equity
    • my free margin
    • my margin level
    • PnL (floating) of my account
    • PnL (realized) of my account
  • On Open trades
    • floating PnL of all Trader trades
    • floating PnL of my manual trades
    • number of open trades
    • PnL of any manual trade
    • PnL of any trade
    • PnL of any trade from Traders
  • On ZuluGuard
    • my ZuluGuard total PnL


  • apply Fixed Stop to trades matching the condition at
  • apply Limit to trades matching the condition at
  • apply Trailing Stop to trades matching the condition to
  • close trades matching the condition
  • lock profit of Trades matching the condition
  • lock trades matching the condition
  • send notification email
  • stop receiving new trades from Traders

Feel free to add your comments or follow us for more updates on new features and releases in the social trading space.



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