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New Trader Christian Fahrner (FCInvestment2012) on Ayondo

Ayondo LAn interesting new trader has joined the Ayondo social trading platform.

They trade under the profile name FCInvestment2012, but the real trader behind it is Christian Fahrner. The reason we we find this interesting is because Christian Fahrner won the Handelsblatt stock market competition in 2012 due to outstanding performance. Since then he’s continued to enjoy success as a trader and now joined ayondo, allowing others to automatically copy his trades and join in his potential future success.

Because he only joined recently Christian Fahrner currently resides in level 2 of the ayondo Trading Career. However he’s gaining followers very rapidly.

Since April, when his account was tracked on Ayondo, he’s returned a very healthy 76% for a maximum drawdown of about 22%. Christian mainly trades the German 30 stock market index, though also trades the US Wall Street index and the EUR/USD currency pair.

You can view the full FCInvestment2012 profile on Ayondo here. This also allows you to view his latest performance stats.

Important to note that Christian Fahrner is a “real money trader” on ayondo, so he risks his own money as well.

In due course I’m sure we’ll write a full review on this trader.

In the meantime don’t forget that social trading involves some risk as well and past performance isn’t a guarantee for future success.



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