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Grow with CedarFX

In the world of Forex, finding an online broker dedicated to helping clients grow is a rare occurrence. The ones who do genuinely support their clients truly stand out from the crowd, and it doesn’t take long for traders to notice.

Under this category lies CedarFX, an online broker that has displayed consistent effort to provide traders with all the tools they need to grow and succeed. Through a CedarFX Account, traders can open positions on Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities and more, all through the MetaTrader 4 platform.

0% Commission Account

CedarFX offers two account types: the original 0% Commission Account and the recently- launched Eco Account. While both account types carry identical features, the only difference between them is the commission rate. As the name implies, the first account type carries absolutely no commission charges when signing up and trading through it. The Eco Account, on the other hand, carries a charge of $1 per lot trade – but we’ll get back to that later.

With up to 1:500 leverage available on both account types, traders can maximise their funds without having to pay a large initial deposit. Low spreads prevent trading costs from getting out of hand, while also allowing clients to make use of short-term trading strategies such as scalping.

The Eco Account by CedarFX is an innovative feature unleashed on to the trading scene. As a broker dedicated to making a difference and giving back to the community, CedarFX has launched this account type to give traders an opportunity to collaborate for a good cause.

The optional $1 charge paid by Eco Account holders will be matched by CedarFX and 100% of those funds will be used to plant trees and fund carbon reduction projects. By partnering up with Ecologi, CedarFX became the first online broker to turn eco: for every $1 paid by clients, CedarFX contributes another $1 to plant a total of 10 trees per lot traded!

24/7 Support

CedarFX provides round-the-clock support to traders, via live chat, email or by requesting a callback. Forex and CFD traders can get all the assistance they require with managing their account, setting up MT4 and trading.

Since crypto markets are open 24/7 with CedarFX, the broker also extends its customer support to weekends, ensuring crypto enthusiasts can trade with peace of mind.

Are you ready to be part of the change? Trade with CedarFX to start trading with the world’s first eco-friendly broker at www.cedarfx.com!