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Darwinex Launches The Darwinia Index – March 2016

DarwinexDarwinex announced the launch of their revolutionary new Darwinia Index. The aim of this new feature is to offer a secure way for you to profit from Darwinex.

To date, when you invested with Darwinex, you had to select the traders you want to allocate your money too yourself. Darwinex gives you a wealth of indicators about the traders’ past performance, but ultimately you choose which ones you want to invest in (this is the same with any other social or copy trading platform).

With the new Darwinia Index however, you’re able to invest, lean back and let the Index do all the work for you. I.e. when investing in this Index you don’t choose the traders for yourself, the Index does it for you. It’s very similar to an investment fund which chooses the stocks for you, and you in essence only invest in the overall fund.

When it comes to choosing the traders or systems to invest in, The Darwinia Index will leverage all the foundations that have been developed by Darwinex in the past few years. I.e. it will use their proprietary D-Score indicator and risk management algorithm to make the selections. It is expected the fund will invest in between 40 and 50 different strategies.

Darwinia IndexTimeframe:

Existing Darwinex customer exclusively are able to invest from €500 to €5,000 in the Index until the end of today, 4th March 2016. After today the subscription will be closed and the funds will be invested live in the fund on Monday March 7th 2016.

For the first 4 weeks, all investments will be lock and no withdrawals can be made. After the first 4 weeks, customers can make withdrawals or make extra investments, though the minimum investment limits will be increased.

Expected Performance:

The target return, as mentioned by Darwinex CEO Juan Juan Colón in the launch webinar on March 1st 2016, is between 20 and 25% per year (with a maximum drawdown of 5%). I agree that if these returns are achieved this will be a very successful investment product. Obviously at this stage this it is too early to say if this will be achieved.

We have however invested a small amount ourselves in the Index and will update our readers and this blog post on the results. Since we joined Darwinex in the Beta testing phase last year our overall performance has been mixed. Overall we’re slightly down by about 5% in our live account. We did however only spread our investment over an average of 4 strategies. So we’re keen to see as well how this compares to the performance of the new Darwinia Index, which, as a concept, we like very much.

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