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New Currensee Leverage Option

Currensee has changed the way in which you can set the leverage and hence risk of your account. As an investor in the Currensee Trade Leader program you used to be able to reduce the risk on your account by reducing the leverage per Trade Leader you follow in your account. I.e. setting the Leverage Multiplier to 50% would mean that if the Trade Leader traded at a leverage of 10:1 in their account, a leverage of 5:1 would be used in your account.

Now however, you can also increase the leverage and take more risk in your account by setting the Currensee Leverage Multiplier to a value higher than 100%. E.g. setting the multiplier to 200% for a Trade Leader would mean that when they trade at 5:1 leverage, your leverage would be 10:1. Increasing the leverage increases the size of the trade you copy from the Trade Leader, giving you the potential opportunity to take more advantage of their profitable trades. However please be aware that increasing the leverage will also increase the size of any potential losses in your account.

Also bear in mind that when you increase the leverage you should consider increasing the Maximum Drawdown setting for that Trade Leader to insure the Drawdown Protection isn’t triggered unnecessarily in your account. E.g. if the setting was set to 30% (taking into account the Trade Leader’s past maximum drawdown) and you increase leverage to 200% you should consider increasing your Maximum Drawdown to 60%. The increase should be comparable to the additional risk you intend to take.

The additional functionality of leveraging up now means Currensee gives you total control in how much or little risk you take in your portfolio. Please be aware though that increasing the risk may mean significant loss of your investment when the Trade Leader you copy makes losing trades.


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