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Currensee Interface and Options Changes October 2012

Currensee have just released some interface changes and additional investment options to their Trade Leaders Program.

Emerging and High Risk Strategies now available to follow

Currensee have added the strategies they’re still evaluating (“emerging”) and those deemed too risky (“high risk”) for the current Trade Leaders category  to the program. You can from now follow these as well from your account (currently only one is listed in each though). Be sure though to evaluate properly and use the advanced controls to manage the risk and protect your account appropriatly as they’re obviously untested and/or risky.

Set Maximum Leverage by Trade Leader

You can now limit the Maximum Leverage each Trade Leader can use in your account and any trade opened at a higher level will not be executed for you.

Leaderboard interface additions

The Maximum Leverage and Typical Leverage per Trade Leader have been added as extra information columns to the Leaderboard. These might be useful when trying to identify the risk you can take.

In addition the Leaderboard now also displays the amount you’d need to follow that Trade Leader using double leverage (i.e. for investors who may not have the funds available to follow at normal leverage). Although arguable this was fairly easy to work out as it’s just halving the minimum amount with normal leverage, which is already displayed. However, you can allocate these levels directly from the Currensee Leaderboard.


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