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AAAfx now also in JPY, GBP, AUD and CHF base currency

aaaFX LogoIt is now possible to open a AAAfx trading account with GBP, JPY, AUD and CHF base currency. AAAfx is ZuluTrade’s (the popular social trading network) preferred broker (they’re both part of the same company). This move is good news for any investors from countries with those base currencies who like to trade on ZuluTrade using AAAfx. Before it was only possible to open accounts in EUR or USD, which meant investors would take on an extra currency exchange risk if they funded their accounts in a currency other than USD or EUR.

The key ‘advertised’ advantages of using a AAAfx account when trading on ZuluTrade is their direct integration, 0 commission and full refund policy. The 0 (zero) commission does make them attractive, though because of the difference in spreads your costs per trade may be similar to other brokers who charge 0.5 or 1 pip commission. The full refund policy is a key factor as it means that if for any reason a trade from a ZuluTrade trader (“signal provider”) you copy isn’t closed properly (or timely) in your account they’ll give you a full refund of any losses you may have incurred because of this.

You can click here to open a AAAfx account. Please note that this opens a ZuluTrade account for you as well as this is now standard. Accounts can there now be opened in EUR, USD, JPY, CHF, AUD and GBP base currency.

AAAFx was founded in 2008 and manages thousands of live accounts from over 175 countries globally. Its headquarters are in Athens, Greece.

Click Here to visit AAAfx


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