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What is ZipSignals?

What is ZipSignals?

ZipSignalsPlease note that the ZipSignals stopped trading in December 2014. We just keep this page online because it may be useful for people looking to find out what this trade copying platform was about and what the main features were.

ZipSignals is an innovative Forex trading platform launched in 2008 that lets you automatically copy trades from professional traders. Their growing list of Forex signal providers consists of hundreds of experienced professionals from around the world. They discourage “fly by night” Forex traders and put every signal provider through a 6 week screening process. ZipSignals evaluates every trade taken during this trial period and only those Forex signal providers with exceptional trading strategies and risk controls are accepted and made public to their client investors.

For each of the signals providers you can copy, ZipSignals provides the following information to help you make an informed investment decision:

  • strategy description
  • number of weeks trading
  • average trades per week & total trades to date
  • total pips return, total return % and average monthly return %
  • maximum equity drawdown % & maximum drawdown weeks
  • win percentage
  • performance chart
  • fully transparent trade history, including current open trades
  • Zip Signals Factor (0 to 100) which takes into consideration average month return, maximum drawdown ratio and weeks traded

To start copying trades you need to start by registering with ZipSignals, which is totally free. You then have the choice of 2 options to link your brokerage account.

Option 1:

Open a new brokerage account with one of ZipSignals compatible brokers (the list includes FXCM, Gallant Capital Markets, Liquid Markets, Forex FS, FinFx and Ava Trade). This options allows you to copy any trading system, for free, without the need to run your own Expert Advisor (EA) and therefore no need to keep your computer on 24/5.

Option 2:

Copy trades to any MT4 brokerage account by installing and using ZipSignals’ MT4 Expert Advisor Program. This method requires you to keep your MT4 Terminal open and connected to the internet 24/5. Zip Signals recommend a VPS if using this method. You can then subscribe to a trading system by paying a monthly fee. The amount is set by the Signal Provider and ranges from $100 to $500 per system, per account.

While some of their clients have accounts from as little as $100, ZipSignals recommends to start with at least $500 in your account. You can also try their trade copier platform for free for 30 days with their demo account (click here to register for the demo).

If you’re an experienced trader who wants to make some extra money from their trading skills, then you can apply to become one of their official Signal Providers. Depending on the method a client subscribes to your trading system, ZipSignals will pay you 0.5 pips per round turn on each trade that is copied (Option 1). Or, they’ll collect a monthly subscription fee from the client, which you can set, and they give you 70% of this. You can send signals from a demo or real money account.

Click Here to visit ZipSignals