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What is Sirix?

What is Sirix?

Sirix by LeverateSirix is an all-in-one Forex social trading platform. It is developed by Leverate, a specialist IT solutions and services provider for FX brokers. Leverate was established in 2008 and they launched the Sirix platform to their clients in 2014.

More than 100 brokers around the world currently use solutions developed by Leverate.

So what are the key features of Sirix?

Simple and Easy Trade Environment

Sirix PlatformSirix WebTrader allows you to execute your Forex and futures trades from any computer without the need to download or install any software. Sirix has been developed in HTML5 and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

You can chose your preferred theme: a sleek black work-space or a bright white backdrop.

Designed to speed up trading, the Sirix trading cubes can be pre-configured to include the instruments and lot sizes you trade regularly. One-click-trading can be enabled or disabled.

Open positions, pending order and closed positions are also easily accessible from the main Sirix workspace.

Intuitive Charts and Graphs

The Sirix platform comes with built-in advanced indicators and charting options.

In total we counted over 60 indicators, including Bollinger Bands. MACD, Ichimoku Clouds, Parabolic SAR and many more.

Charts can be displayed in various timeframes and you can add your own lines, measures and annotations as well.

Sirix Social Trading

Social Trading is fully integrated in the Sirix platform and offers you access to the live trades of others.

Sirix Social TradingThe Sirix “Social Stream” contains the live trades and pending orders placed by other traders as well other updates such as how many people copied the trade. If you like you can directly copy trades from the “Social Stream”.

Alternatively you can analyse and review other traders by looking at their historical performance data. If you like the performance of a trader then you can “watch” them to get updates in your “Traders I watch” stream or “copy” them to automatically copy all their future trades in your account.

When you auto copy someone with Sirix you have two options:

  • Allocate an amount of equity to the traders, which means their trades will be copied proportionally based on your allocation and their live account balance. E.g. if you allocate $1,000 and their account size is $10,000, when they execute 1 lot in their account, 1 mini lot will be opened in yours for the same trade.
  • Copy fixed-size positions means you enter the amount you want to use every time a trade from the master trader is copied in your account.

In order to have access to the Sirix Social Trading community and to be able to view trader profiles, watch other traders and automatically copy trades, you must sign up and join the community with a live account. You’ll have to chose a NickName when you do so, because real names are not shared with other community members.

Since the strength of a social network is often measured by its size and level of activity, Sirix believes one of their key benefits is the large size of their active social Forex trading community. When you sign up with one broker who uses Sirix, you don’t just have access to the connected expert traders at this broker, but you can normally follow and copy seasoned traders from other Sirix brokers as well. I.e. you can learn or benefit from the trading activity of all Sirix Social Community members.

please note that a very few brokers which use SIRIX close of the community to their own customers only

Trading Anywhere Anytime

Sirix MobileThe fact that Sirix is built in HTML5 already makes it very portable since it will pretty much run on any browser. But in addition, a native app available for all Apple and Android smart compatible devices.

Sirix Mobile and Sirix Tablet offers you the same account capabilities as you get with the Sirix Web platform. You can execute new live trades, modify pending orders, view your closed trades and more. And social trading is seamlessly integrated too. You can view the Sirix Social Stream, review other traders’ performance and effortlessly follow and copy them.

News and Economic Calendar

Sirix also offers an integrated news feed with the latest Forex news as well as a calendar with the latest upcoming economic data releases and events. This add-on feature is only available at selected brokers.

Multi-language Support

Sirix is available in 18 languages. The preferred language can be changed real-time by the end user of the platform.

Try Sirix

If you’re a broker company or if you want to set up your own broker than it’s best to contact Leverate direct to receive on online demo.

If you’re a trader or investor and you want to try the latest Sirix social trading platform than you can easily do this with one of the following brokers:

CMSTrader: This global online Forex broker offers tight spreads and various educational tools to its customers. Customers also have access to SIRIX Web Trader, allowing them to trade in tandem with other traders.

SunBirdFX: This global broker probably offers the easiest way to try the platform because you don’t need to register. Just click on ‘Login as guest’ from their Sirix WebTrader login page to try without registering.

IronFX: Forex broker with customers in 180 countries offering the Sirix WebTrader platform with free demo. The social community with IronFX is restricted to their own customers.

On August 10th 2015 the following were some other active brokers offering Sirix: Trio Market, Nessfx, Scorbot, Dragon Options, Precise forex, Trade 24, Longhou FX, Profit Trading, USG Capital, C7 Traders, KD Markets, Active Markets, Banco FX and CM Trading.

Please note that in case you consider opening a live account with these brokers, some of them offer some very good joining bonuses as well.

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