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A guide to KINFO DIY investment app

What is KINFO?

“The idea behind KINFO is simple. It reflects how people communicate in real life around investing, utilizing internet and technology to enable people to communicate and collaborate on a much wider scale”.

  • Karl von Döbeln (Founder of KINFO)

KINFO is a DIY investment app that is connecting investors with Bloggers, rather than Robo-Advisors. They aim to enable their users to be better investors and are trying to achieve this by providing a platform that can connect members with people that share a similar strategy, and they believe that members sharing their strategies and learning from others will be much more likely to become better investors because of it. The app tracks your trading performance for you.

KINFO is simple to use and has been created for anybody who is keen on improving their skills in investment in publicly traded equities.

Kinfo logo - 1

What KINFO offers

  • Bloggers features – KINFO helps high-quality personal finance and investment blogs increase their readership, they offer bloggers:
    • WordPress Widgets
    • A verified blogger system
    • You can open other members blogs while on the app
    • Free access to KINFOs Pro services
    • Be featured in bloggers only lists
    • A chance to get featured in articles
    • Get promoted in KINFOs newsletter
  • Professional investors features – KINFO is filled with data that they track. KINFO cover 96 financial indicators, with 70 000 corporate insiders and 2300 financial analytics.
  • Private investor features – KINFO aims to help users take an investment to a whole new level by connecting with others and learning, it’s suitable for people who both experienced and those who are just getting started.

How to sign up

  1. Firstly, go to their website and fill in the simple sign up form shown below. You only need to provide your name and email address on there.

Kinfo Sign Up


Kinfo Add a Picture

  1. Next, create your profile; it’s up to you if you want to add a picture. Once you’ve completed your KINFO profile click next.

Kinfo Sign Up Complete

  1. Your sign up should now be complete, check your emails and download the KINFO app.

Kinfo Investment Accounts

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KINFO tutorial

Exploring other members portfolios-

To browse through members portfolios on the KINFO app, you click on the member’s tab. This shows a list of members sorted by performance. There are also filters for users to select, to narrow down the selection of portfolios that are shown. They currently have four available filters available. You can filter by time period, portfolio contents, position count and position size. To view the performance and positions of members you just click on their account.

How to link your brokerage account to view positions on KINFO

Linking your brokerage account to KINFO enables users to see positions of other members. The app will never share Dollar amounts, only percentage allocation, and performance.

To link your brokerage account, follow the 5 steps provided below:

  1. Click menu on the bottom bar
  2. Click settings
  3. Swipe to accounts
  4. Click add on the top bar
  5. Follow the instruction shown on your screen

Is it secure?

KINFO, work with the trusted financial aggregation data provider, TradeIt. They are used by well-known brands such as Yahoo Finance, both KINFO and TradeIt integration use high-level 256-bit encryption; this is the same level as that of a bank. On top of that, KINFO doesn’t store your credentials and will only read data that can’t be used to execute trades.

Navigate the app to explore ETFs, Stocks, and Funds

Price screen

The first screen is their price screen, it shows the development of price over a period of time. If you click on the chart, you can switch between price and comparison to S&P 500.

Kinfo Price Screen

Dividends, P/E & Earnings

You can find these below the chart, as well as revealing another chart that shows the metric over time, by clicking on the number.

Kinfo Dividends

Hedge Funds

If you swipe left on the screen, you are taken to the Hedge Fund view. Here you can see Hedge Funds who currently have a position in the ETF/ Stock/ Mutual fund, they are sorted by rating.

Kinfo Hedge Funds


To get to the insider’s view, you need to swipe left again, on the Hedge Funds screen. This reveals buy and sell transactions from all corporate insiders.

Kinfo Insiders

Analyst ratings

Once again you need to swipe left, and you will find the analyst rating view, showing all analyst ratings for the Stock/ ETF/ Mutual fund.

Kinfo Analyst Ratings


Finally, swipe left once more to open the trades view; it shows trades made by other KINFO members.

Kinfo Trades

Exploring Hedge Funds on KINFO app

Kinfo Hedge Funds

  • To find a Hedge Fund, you choose from KINFO’s list of Hedge Funds, sorted by performance. To get access the list you need to click Research on the bottom bar and then click Highest return under Hedge Funds.
  • The Hedge fund performance section shows members how a portfolio would have performed if investing and rebalancing according to the hedge funds filings to the SEC.
  • The Hedge funds positions section shows hedge funds positions and includes an allocation in Positions are shown according to the hedge funds latest filing to the SEC.

If you follow any Hedge fund, you will get a notification each time a new filing is published.

How to explore bloggers portfolios

If you’re someone looking to improve your investment skills, there’s a big chance that you read personal finance blogs. If that’s you, then KINFO app helps you recognize members with blogs with a blue verified icon shown next to members’ names.

To find a blogger – Click Research on the bottom tab bar, then click on Highest Return under BLOGGERS, to reveal a list of blogger accounts that are sorted by performance.

To open a blog – You can open members’ blogs directly on the KINFO app while you are exploring members’ portfolios: click on the name to navigate the profile view, expand the bio on top of the screen, and click the blog link.

A few blogs KINFO recommend to read are:

Dads dollars and debts

Physician on Fire

Future Proof MD


Advanced features on KINFO – Visual interactive income statements

Although KINFO is designed to be easy to use and suitable for beginners, there are advanced features available for the more experienced investor. Their Pro Services section is currently only available on the web version of KINFO and not on the app.

The interactive dashboards for each company provide PRO data. Using the dashboard gives members a holistic view of each company’s performance, profit, and loss, as well as key metrics. The interactive format allows you to drill down on specific metrics or time periods for further research.

Here are some points KINFO have shared about their advanced features:

  • 7700 company’s financial data
  • 96 indicators from the income statement, cash flow, balance sheet and other metrics.
  • Historical data (17 years worth)
  • Interactive dashboards on KINFO Pro services
  • Multiple aggregation options
  • Multiple reference periods
  • Overlay functionality to compare metrics

Here’s the interactive statement for Apple below

Kinfo Final Image


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