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FxPro SuperTrader Review (Our Opinion)

FxPro SuperTrader Review (Our Opinion)

Please note that FxPro discontinued their SuperTrader feature in Q3 2016. We’re keeping this review as an informative piece for our readers. It may be an interesting read when comparing different networks and platforms. You can still social trade with FxPro as a broker when you join other networks such as Ayondo or ZuluTade.

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What is/was FxPro SuperTrader?

FxPro is a global brokerage service, regulated in the UK and Cyprus. They’re currently a leading global FX broker with clients in over 150 countries. They launched their SuperTrader social/mirror trading platform in Q4 2013. The aim of SuperTrader is to bring investors and experienced traders (which they refer to as strategy leaders) together. FxPro SuperTrader ReviewIt allows investors to review and automatically copy the trades of these experienced traders in their own FxPro account.

Networks of FxPro SuperTrader is exclusively available to FxPro clients, you first have to open a normal FxPro account. You’ll then get a SuperTrader account automatically. All of this sounds and should be fairly straight-forward. However, it’s important to note that SuperTrader accounts currently can only be in USD. Hence, if you’d selected another base currency for your main FxPro account and vault (GBP in our case) you actually end up going through 2 unnecessarily currency conversions if you fund your account in USD. Hence if you only want to use SuperTrader, ensure you select USD as base currency everywhere. The fact that the platform is currently only available in USD is a slight limitation as well for investors from non-SD currency countries, since obviously their investments would all be held in USD to start with (i.e. you’re at that stage investing in the USD as well, unless you hedge of course, but that’s not something outside the comfort zone of most investors in these type of social trade copying services).


It’s also important to note that from 5th May 2014 (i.e. after we opened our accounts) FxPro increased for new customers the minimum equity you need to have in your SuperTrader account to $50,000. Alternatively, you can deposit $10,000 and use their credit line to get your equity up to $50,000. I.e. the minimum deposit requirements are now fairly high. On October 13th 2014 they changed this again, reducing the minimum investment amount to $30K and the credit multiplier to 2. So this also means that with a minimum deposit of $10K you still meet the new minimum using the credit multiplier of 2 ($10,000 deposit + $20,000 credit).

SuperTrader no longer available

If you try to find information about this tool, you’ll find an official report indicating that was discontinued. We’ve checked FXPro website on January of 2019 and it hasn’t been reactivated. According to a report from Finance Feeds, the service was shut down in 2017 after “several months of review”.

SuperTrader: Investors & Traders

For FxPro Investors

As an investor, you have access to a list of FxPro approved strategies (i.e. traders). They are ranked by their historical performance data. You also have access to their historical performance indicators, closed trades and currently open trades. When you choose to copy a strategy, you also decide how much to invest using SuperTrader’s risk management controls. Each copied strategy will automatically trade on your behalf in your account. FxPro also monitors the performance of the strategies. The system removes strategies when their performance falls below certain thresholds or they fail to comply with their risk criteria.

For FXPro Traders

Experienced traders will have access to FxPro’s database of over 200,000 clients. They receive 5% commission on each profitable trade made in their followers’ portfolios. In order to become a strategy provider, traders need to undergo a strict application process. It includes questionnaires, interviews and testing of their strategies. All traders also need to send their strategy signals from a live trading account (i.e. real-money).

Who are the SuperTrader Leaders

View of FxPro SuperTrader Strategies - click to enlarge
FxPro SuperTrader Strategies (click to enlarge)

As mentioned above, the main aim of SuperTrader is to give investors access to “experienced” Fx traders. So who are they? On FxPro, these “leaders” are either corporate entities or individuals that act as strategy providers and send their trade signals in real time through SuperTrader. It’s important to note that all leaders send their signals from “live” trading accounts, so they all risk their own money as well. In addition, FxPro mentions the leaders go through a stringent approval process during which the performance of their trading strategy is closely monitored to ensure consistency and adherence to certain FxPro risk management guidelines. Leaders get paid a 5% performance fee for any winning trades they make in the accounts of investors who copy them. This is paid to them on a monthly basis.

Because the service was very new at the time of our initial review and most leaders only had a short history on FxPro it was not really possible to comment on the thoroughness of FxPro’s selection process at the time. We mainly mention this because another social trading service we reviewed and who claimed to vet their trade leaders turned out to be very poor. I.e. over time many of their top performers ended up using martingale strategies, blowing their accounts and being removed from the platform (which any new investors would obviously be unaware of). However, the reward structure of FxPro seems to be fairer to avoid these type of practices, and so far (we’ve now monitored the list of SuperTrader strategies for 2 years) while we’ve seen some systems being removed, the performance seems very genuine. Our own results so far have been positive too.


One of the most positive factors about the leaders on FxPro SuperTrader is not only that they trade with their own money but, that you can also work out how much this is. In fact, most leader accounts have balances of $10,000 or more. This is pretty unique since other social trading and trade copying networks normally don’t share that information.

Currently, there are over 30 strategies you can review and copy. These are split into 2 types, FxPro or Third Party strategies. The difference is pretty obvious, meaning that the SuperTrader strategies listed as FxPro have been developed “in house” by FxPro, while the Third Party strategies are created by Leaders outside of FxPro. So far our best results have come from copying some of the third party ones.

We also mentioned the fact that FxPro actively monitors and manages the strategies, and I’d like to give 2 examples of this:

  • We received an email saying that one of the SuperTrader strategies we were following got closed because due to poor risk management strategy. This actually wasn’t even a bad performing system and we’d already made about 20% in 4 months. Because FxPro closed the system before exponential losses accrued, we still ended up making 10%. On other social trading platforms, we’ve seen profits disappear to 100% losses with some traders (who ended up using Martingale type strategies).
  • Due to the generally low liquidity experienced during the Christmas and New Year holiday season, most of the SuperTrader strategies get either completely stopped or operate under reduced trading in order to avoid unexpected volatility. This is part of FxPro’s standard risk management procedures in order to protect their clients’ funds. They begin trading regularly again in January ones they deem conditions have returned back to normal.

Selecting the Leaders/Strategies to Copy on FxPro SuperTrader

Example of SuperTrader strategy performance graph - click to enlarge
Example of SuperTrader strategy performance graphs (click to enlarge)

With any social trading and trade copying service review, it’s important to look at the data and features. That way, investors can analyse the past performance and make a decision on which traders (aka, strategies) to copy.

From the SuperTrader strategies page, you can compare all strategies using key parameters like “average weekly returns”, “maximum drawdown” and “investor rating”. For each strategy you can drill down to get further information, including strategy description, performance graphs of time and historical statistics like average winning/losing trades $, profit factor, net P/L $ and winning %.

SuperTrader strategy performance stats example - click to enlarge
SuperTrader Strategy Performance Stats Example (click to enlarge)

It’s not the most comprehensive list of statistics (e.g. average trade duration, numbers of copiers and FX pairs traded historically would be nice additions). However, for most investors, the performance graphs and historical statistics available will be more than enough to make informed decisions to pick strategies which match their risk profile. In addition, all historical trades can be downloaded in Excel, which is very useful if you want to do your own off-line analysis.

Current open trades are displayed too and all data is updated real-time. In fact, it’s fair to say that FxPro SuperTrader is fully transparent, even including the actual USD gains/losses.

SuperTrader Risk and Money Management features

Once you’ve decided which strategy to copy, you can set a number of parameters in SuperTrader to help you manage your risk:

  • “Amount Allocation in $”, which is how much of your account you want to allocate to the strategy (the minimum amount is $500 though a few strategies may require a higher amount). Please note that all trades will be copied proportionally. So if you allocated $500 and the strategy’s equity is $5,000, when the leader opens 1 lot, in your account 0.1 lot will be opened.
  • “Ratio Multiplier” of 1 or 2 which you can use to increase your risk.
  • “Strategy Maximum Loss %” you allow before you want all trades to be closed and to stop following the strategy (between 5 and 30% allowed).
  • “Trailing Stop (Equity) %” is similar to the previous stop, but takes into account gains as well, so you can lock in profits.

FxPro’s SuperTrader user guide explains these in more detail, but overall the money and risk management parameters are fairly intuitive and offer enough scope to manage your account depending on your personal risk profile.

Once you’re following strategies you can follow the performance of your account in real-time, and if you like, can manually close any trades which were opened by a strategy.

SuperTrader Costs

Registering for FxPro SuperTrader is totally free and the spreads are the same as you’d get in a normal FxPro account (they’re industry standard and competitive). Only when you copy a 3rd party strategy you’ll have to pay a 5% performance fee on profitable trades. We don’t mind paying a fee for profits made and believe this approach is very fair. An argument can be made that the fee should be based on your account’s high water mark, but from our experience, this seems to push certain trader’s into high-risk approaches when they try to recover from large losses. Overall the costs of FxPro’s SuperTrader are low compared to other similar services.

When talking about costs we always like to mention and review the slippage as well. Slippage (for those not familiar with social copy trading) is the difference in price you get in your account and the price the trader you copy got. Because the traders/strategies on SuperTrader all use FxPro trading accounts as well (like yours), you’d expect the slippage to be lower than on social trading platforms where different brokers are involved. From our experience so far on SuperTrader, this is also the case. We notice some slippage but on average 1 pip or less per round trip (i.e. open and close together).

Min. Deposit
Exclusive promotion
Our score
Copy and Social Trading Platform open to 50 Top notch Brokers
Regulated in EU and Japan
Advanced Trading Strategies to Copy
Start Trading
Payment Methods
Visa, Mastercard, QIWI, Skrill, China UnionPay, Bitcoin, Neteller
Full regulations list:

FxPro Support

As mentioned we had some issues with setting up the SuperTrader account. I found the support we received via e-mail and from our account manager very good. Unfortunately, the support from the callback feature can only be described as incompetent and useless (“Stating a problem does not resolve the problem.”). Their response seemed to be scripted so better use e-mail or your account manager. FAQs and help guides are available and their “FxPro SuperTrader User Guide .pdf” is probably the most detailed and useful we’ve seen among the social trading platforms. The lack of a demo account, on the other hand, is disappointing since it’s always nicer if you can try something before you invest “real” hard cash. You can, however, start small-ish from $500.

Social Features

“Social Trading” covers everything from sharing trade ideas with others to automatically copying trades from others without having to do any technical analysis. FxPro SuperTrader has approached this from the latter perspective, and there are very limited social interaction features offered on desktop or mobile aps. Leaders can amend their descriptions (though we’ve not seen any of them do this regularly), and that’s all. Personally, we sometimes like updates from the traders we copy since it provides some further inside into their trading behaviour. However as long as the quality of the traders is good, this a more a nice to have in our opinion.

Until June 2015, investors were also able to rate the strategies they followed. In our opinion ratings were a good addition since it provided feedback from real customers who were copying or copied the strategy with “real” money. Hence it’s a slight disappointment that the ratings got removed.

FXPro SuperTrader Pros and Cons

FxPro SuperTrader: PROS

  • Leaders are vetted by FxPro
  • All leaders trade from real money accounts
  • All data (including $ amounts) is fully transparent
  • Some good quality leaders to copy
  • Good risk/account management controls
  • Leaders on paid for profitable trades
  • Very clear user guide
  • Trade history can be downloaded in Excel
  • Low cost and reasonable slippage
  • Fully integrated service with an intuitive interface

FxPro SuperTrader review Cons:

  • SuperTrader accounts can only be in USD
  • No demo account
  • High initial investment required (min. $10,000 deposit + use $40,000 credit line)
  • Some strategies require a high minimum investment ($10,000)
  • So far still a new overall platform and limited trading history of leaders
  • No interaction with leaders possible

Final Thoughts on FXPro SuperTrader

In summary, FxPro SuperTrader is a social investment platform for more serious investors. It’s not for people looking to play with $50 or $100, but invest $10,000 upwards. The interface is pretty intuitive and all the data is fully transparent. FxPro also pre-selects the strategies and monitors them actively. You can manage your risk per strategy pretty closely. In the beginning, the list of strategies available on SuperTrader changed quite a bit. However, for the past year, the list of strategies has been fairly stable and quite a few now have almost 2 years of historical data available. Still, as always, past results are never a guarantee of future success. Nonetheless, it’s very positive that they all invest significant amounts of their own money.

As usual with the reviews on Social Trading Guru, please note that this review is based on our personal experience of using FxPro SuperTrader as a “live” customer with “real money” invested. Images included are from my live account. Before you consider investing yourself though, please make sure you understand the risks since this type of investing may not be suitable for everyone.