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Compare Social Trading Network and Platform Features

Compare Social Trading Network and Platform Features

The table below summarises and compares the features of the major social trading networks and their platforms (click here to view the table legend). The major networks (ZuluTrade, eToro, Ayondo, Tradency, Tradeo, Darwinex, myfxbook, copyop and Gallant Trade Copier) are also reviewed in our reviews section (others will be reviewed in due course). Please note that the table compares 17 social trading platforms (just use the navigation buttons to show more):

Social Trading Network
Location Headquarters
Social Copy trading Live
Broker Choice
Instruments Traded
Account Currency
Minimum Investment requirement
Cost / trade
Management Fees
Avg. EURUSD spread
Traders To Copy
Automated Trade Copying
Copy Followers
Network Trader Prerequisites
Traders required to Trade with Real Money
Traders’ Compensation
Trader Compensation linked to Results
Trader Trade History
Trader Open Trades
Trader Real Balance
#Traders Allowed to Copy
Allocation / Trader Acc. Protection
Demo Account
Rate Traders
Interact with Traders
Trader’s history in Excel
Mobile Apps
Facebook Integration
Twitter Intergation
Fund Account
Social Trading Guru Review
ZuluTradeZuluTrade Greece 2010 Own broker (AAAfx) + over 50 others Forex currency pairs, gold, silver, commodities, indices. treasury bunds Broker dependent($, Euro, £, JPY, AUD, RUB) $300 Spread + Commission (commission depends on broker and starts from 0 pips with AAAfx) Free 2.5 pips > 10,000 Yes No Execute 31 valid trades No fee per lot traded in live follower accounts Yes – only paid in positive months Full Yes No Unlimited Yes Yes
Try ZuluTrade Here
Yes Yes Yes Android, iOS (iPad & iPhone) and Windows Phone Yes Yes Telephone, e-mail, online chat Yes Depends on broker (wide choice) English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Greek ZuluTrade Review Visit ZuluTrade
eToroeToro Cyprus 2011 Own broker service only Forex currency pairs, Indices, commodities, stocks, ETFs $ only from $50 upwards (depends on country) Spread Only (spreads start from 3 pip / trade) Free 3 pips > 10,000 Yes Yes None Yes (minimum $200) from $350/month to 2% annual of AUM + spread rebates Yes – only paid if meets monthly risk target Full (but difficult to view) Yes No 20 Yes Yes
Try eToro Here
No Yes No Android, iOS (iPad & iPhone) and BlackBerry Yes Yes Telephone, e-mail No credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners), wire transfer, PayPal, Neteller, Moneybookers, Western Union, WebMoney and Yandex English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Hungarian, French, Finnish, Arabic eToro OpenBook Review Visit eToro
Ayondo Ayondo Germany 2010 Own partnership broker (Gekko) Forex currency pairs, Indices, commodities, interest rates/bonds, company stocks CFDs Euro, £, $, CHF 100 Euro,$,£,CHF Spread Only (spreads start from 2 pips) Free 2 pips > 1,000 Yes Soon Minimum 15 trades and 1% return in first 30 days No fee per lot traded in live follower accounts Yes – fee increases the more profit is made (though still paid minimum if not profitable) Full Yes No 5 Yes Yes
Try Ayondo Here
No No No iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android No No Telephone, e-mail No debit/credit card or bank wire English, German, Italian, French, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Slovenian and Chinese Ayondo Review Visit Ayondo
TradeoTradeo Malta 2012 Own broker service only currency pairs, Indices, Gold, Silver, Oil, and Commodities USD, EUR, GBP and JPY $250 Spread Only Free 2 pips > 10,000 Yes No None No None No Last few 100’s Yes No Unlimited Yes Yes
Try Tradeo Here
No Yes No iOS Yes Yes email, phone, online chat Yes credit/debit, wire English, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian, Arab, Japanese Tradeo Review Visit Tradeo
copyopcopyop logo Cyprus 2015 Own service Forex, indices, commodities and share binary options USD, EUR or GBP $50 Return 60% on win, 15% on loss Free N/A > 100 Yes Yes None Yes commission per copied trade No Very Limited Max 3 No Unlimited Yes No No No No Android & iOS Yes No Telephone, e-mail and live chat No credit/debit cards and bank wire English, Spanish, German, Italian and Spanish Copyop social trading Review Visit Copyop

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Networks often use different names for the people or systems you can copy (e.g. signal providers, trade leaders, gurus or strategy providers), though we just use the word “Traders” in the first header column to identify them.

Social Trading Network: Company name, logo and direct link to the website.

Location Headquarters: Country where the company is headquartered.

Social Copy Trading Live: Year when network or broker launched social or copy trading.

Broker Choice: How many brokers does the social trading network partner with. If social/copy trading is a unique feature offered direct by a broker itself then this is 1.

Instrument Traded: Which financial instruments can the Traders which you can follow or copy trade.

Account Currency: Which are the different currencies in which you can open your social/copy trading account.

Minimum Investment Requirement: What is the minimum amount needed to copy a single Trader.

Cost/Trade: What is the additional cost the broker or network charges per trade you copy, in addition to the spread.

Management Fees: What (if any) are the monthly or annual fees charged by the social trading network or broker to manage/service your account.

Avg. EUR/USD Spread: What is the average spread charged for the popular EUR/USD currency pair during normal liquid market conditions.

Traders to Copy: How many Traders are available or listed on the network to copy.

Automated Trade Copying: Is it possible to automatically copy all the trades from other Traders direct in your account.

Copy Followers: Is it possible to copy other Followers, i.e. trades which they copy will also be copied in your account.

Network Trader Prerequisites: What are the requirements the social trading network or broker sets before they list a Trader which you can follow or copy.

Traders Required to Trade with Real Money: Are the Traders required to send their trading signals from a live real money account (i.e. risk their own money), or can they use a demo account.

Traders’ Compensation: How much are the Traders paid when investors copy their trades.

Trader Compensation Linked to Results: Is the compensation the Traders receive directly linked to their performance, or not.

Trader Trade History: How much of the trade history from the Trader can be viewed in their profile. I.e. how many of the trades they closed before can you view.

Trader Open Trades: Is it possible to view the trades which are currently open in the Trader’s account.

Trader Real Balance: If the Trader uses a live account, is the balance of this account shared. I.e. can you see how much they trade with themselves.

#Traders Allowed to Copy: How many Traders can you copy from your own live account.

Allocation / Trader Acc. Protection: Does the social trading network or broker allow you to set a maximum amount per Trader you copy, which they can lose before you automatically stop copying them. I.e. can you protect your account from one Trader going rogue (in case you follow multiple ones from the same account).

Demo Account: Can you try the social or copy trading service with a demo account.

Rate Traders: Can the Traders be rated by Followers.

Interact with Traders: Can you interact directly (via email) or indirectly (via forum or feed) with the Trader you copy or consider copying.

Trader’s History in Excel: Can the historical trade history from the Trader be downloaded in Excel (css) format to allow you to perform your own analysis of their past performance.

Mobile Apps: Which (if any) mobile apps are provided by the network or broker to allow you to use the social or trade copying services.

Facebook Integration: Can you link to the social trading platform from your Facebook account.

Twitter Integration: Can you link to the social trading network from your Twitter account.

Support: By which means can you contact the network or broker’s support team.

Forum: Is their a forum available where you can interact with other customers.

Fund Account: Which methods are offered for you to fund your live account.

Languages: In what languages can the social or copy trading platform by viewed.

Social Trading Guru Review: Is there a detailed review available written by us.

Website: Directly access the relevant platform website.

Min. Deposit
User Score
Award-winning Cryptocurrency trading platform
14 Cryptoassets available to invest in
FCA & Cysec regulated
Start Trading
eToro offers a wide range of cryptos, such as Bitcoin, XRP and others, alongside crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto pairs. eToro users can connect with, learn from, and copy or get copied by other users.
Payment Methods
Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer
Full regulations list:
Min. Deposit
User Score
Copy and Social Trading Platform open to 50 Top notch Brokers
Regulated in EU and Japan
Advanced Trading Strategies to Copy
Start Trading
Payment Methods
Bitcoin, China UnionPay, Mastercard, QIWI, Visa, neteller, skrill
Full regulations list:

Please use the navigation buttons to view the key features of all social trading platforms and networks, including ZuluTrade, eToro, Tradency, ayondo, SwipeStox, CM Trading, Myfxbook, Tradeo, copyop, InstaForex ForexCopy, MetaTrader, LiteForex, MyDigiTrade, FxStat, Collective2 and others. Please note that the focus is very much on social trading networks that offer the ability to copy trades from other traders as well (i.e. mirror trading or automated trade copying).

Please note that we recently updated the table view so it should hopefully be better viewable on tablets and mobile phones too. If anyone would have a problem viewing the table then please let us know?