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Review of ZuluTrade Support

ZuluTrade Support

ZuluTrade provides e-mail, online live chat and telephone support, as well as a forum.

E-mail support in 3 languages:

English: [email protected]

Spanish: [email protected]

Chinese: [email protected]

From our experience e-mail enquiries are normally responded to within 24 hours (even over the week-end).

On-line support via the multinational ZuluTrade live Chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone support in multiple languages and countries:

United Kingdom, London +44-20-33558805

Deutschland, Frankfurt +49-69-2551-14435

Spain, Madrid +34-911-877655

Greece, Athens +30-213-0176-397

United States, New York +1-917-6282237

Mexico, Mexico City +52-55-41708137

Colombia, Cali +57-2-8912645

Japan, Tokyo +81-3-45888774

China, Beijing +86-10-84181720

Australia, Melbourne +61-39-0084202

Central Support Hotline +30-213-0176-399 (International charges might occur)

So far we’ve not been held in a queue when calling and have always got through first time

An active user forum where you can also ask questions in the beginners area. This also has areas in different languages.

In addition ZuluTrade will send out e-mail notifications when new “signal providers” arrive on the social trading network (normally when they’ve demonstrated 4 positive months). E-mail notifications are also sent when a “signal provider” you’re following changes their behaviour (trades much more or less than their usual average).

In our experience ZuluTrade have always been helpful in responding to queries, professional in replies and prompt in dealing with any issues. We do however find it easier to e-mail any more complex technical questions or issues. While telephone support will normally try and answer them (or call you back if they cannot straight away), unless it’s urgent, it’s often better to get a written reply via e-mail for future reference as well.