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Review of Currensee supported Brokers choice

Currensee Review: Brokers

Please note that Currensee closed on October 31st 2014. We left the review pages active for future reference.

When you want to participate in the Currensee Trade Leader Investment program you’ll need to sign up with one of their supported and associated brokers. The list of brokers on Jan 30th 2014 included:

FXCM, directFX, Alpari, LMAX Exchange, IBFX, OANDA, MIG Bank, Nord FX, Liquid Markets, Admiral Markets, FXDD, Institutional Liquidity (ILQ), BMFN, Saxo MT4 and AVAfx.

Currensee Supported Brokers 30/01/2014
Currensee Supported Brokers Logos

You’ll notice that the list of Currensee brokers includes brokers in different countries. Hence you’ll be able to get your account set-up in currencies other than the USD as well.

The choice of broker is personal and it’s not in the remit of this Currensee review to evaluate each supported broker. Spreads, wire costs and customer service are some of the key factors normally used when choosing your broker. Some may offer rebates as well, though normally this doesn’t apply when you link your account to Currensee.

Please note though that since the acquisition of Currensee by OANDA in September 2013 it’s not clear what the future holds in terms of associated and partner brokers. OANDO is a global broker themselves and may decide that anyone who wants to participate in Currensee’s Trade Leader Investment program needs to sign-up with OANDA itself. When we know more, we’ll update the information here.