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How We Test

Our team of financial experts tests all the products we review and promote. We have extremely high standards and subject all of our partners to the utmost scrutiny. 

We test:

  • Signing up – is it easy to create an account? How is the KYC experience?
  • Depositing funds – how easy is it to add funds? Are there several options?
  • Making a trade – does the interface make it easy to make a first investment? Are there plenty of markets available to trade?
  • Cashing out – is withdrawing profits as easy as adding funds? Do funds arrive promptly and safely in your account?

We also review the following factors to ensure a comprehensive review:

  • Payment methods
  • User interface
  • Compliance
  • Range of markets
  • Beginner/pro suitability
  • Reputation
  • Safety & security
  • Mobile app availability

We believe transparency is key and we hope that you benefit from a better understanding of our review process.