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How we fund this site

There is an increasing trend for companies to be transparent about their revenue and how they earn it. To give our readers reassurance that our content can be trusted, we have decided to outline how Social Trading Guru manages to make a profit.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of attracting users to our website for its content and then recommending great services they can use to buy shares. The site partners with reputed and regulated platforms so you can get the best service. 

The site also directs users to affiliate links for signing up to our partners, Social Trading Guru and this is also known as organic marketing, with the idea that our readers come for our quality content and sign up to broker sites based on our recommendations.

It is important to point out that we only work with companies that demonstrably adhere to financial regulations in order to protect our readers from fraudulent actors who may not be an actual broker and will just steal users’ cash.

In addition, the site offers flat fee partnerships and display advertising plans to reputed and regulated platforms.