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Review of Hertcz ZuluTrade Signal Provider

Hertcz is at the time of this review still a very new signal provider on ZuluTrade with only 17 weeks history. They send their trades from Indonesia and on October 11th 2012 were ranked 26 in the ZuluTrade rankings. Based on the (limited) historical performance (click here to view Hertcz profile on ZuluTrade) here’s our review:

Hertcz Pros:

  • impressive results for the first 16 weeks
  • strategy is stated (breakout strategy)
  • stop loss levels seem to be managed and losses are booked
  • follows with their demo account signal from a live account
  • 4 star average rating by 40 live users

Hertcz Cons:

  • very limited historical data
  • unclear how many open trades are required to follow this signal provider
  • communication not always consistent and clear


With a pip gain of over 2000 pips for a maximum drawdown of 400 pips, the results of Hertcz to date are pretty impressive. The strategy of this ZuluTrade signal provider (breakout) is clearly stated and looking at the trade history this seems to be indeed the strategy they use and follow on a number of currency pairs. Stop loss levels seem be managed and set at swing high/lows. Losses are therefore taken and trades are not left open for long period of time. Worst single trade so far was -156 loss. We personally see this as a good thing since while this may incur a few losing trades in a row in the account, it means some kind of protection for when the markets rally in 1 direction for a long period of time.

While this trader does communicate via the ZuluTrade interface, the communications are not always clear. E.g. historically there’ve been a maximum of 8 open trades and on September 5th there were still 4 open trades. Hertcz communications 64 days ago seemed to suggest allowing 2 open position, which from mid September became 3. I.e. there seems to be difference between what’s communicated and what’s traded. That is definitely a worry. You may also want to ignore their first video as it doesn’t tell us anything about their strategy or trading style.

Hertcz is definitely one to watch based on their initial performance, though 4 months is a very limited time period to make a fair opinion about a trader or trading system. It’ll also be interesting to see how this trader behaves and copes when more ZuluTrade people start following them, and more importantly how they cope/recover from a series of losing trades (which will be inevitable) and the negative feedback comments which may follow as result.

Below are the historical numbers for Hertcz thrown into our ZuluTrade account settings tool (for the risk definitions click here). We used the data for 17 weeks as 4 months. Historical performance is obviously no guarantee for future performance and because the limited historical data, the value of these calculations is a bit limited. Also because Hertcz traded on some pairs where the USD is not the quote currency.

Hertcz account settings calculations
Hertcz potential account settings calculations

Please note that this ZuluTrade signal provider review of Hertcz is included for informational purposes only. These reviews do not constitute advice. Social Trading is very risky and never invest without consulting a financial advisor and never invest money you cannot afford to lose.