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Free Social Trading Demo Accounts

For anyone interested in investing real money with social trading networks, the best way to get started is to try with a free demo social trading account first. This will allow you to get familiar with the concepts and interface, while helping you to understand how to manage your money and set your risk levels when you start investing with real money. Certainly when you’re new to Forex trading, it’s very difficult to imagine (or even to explain for us) how much an investment of say $1000 can move up or down on a daily basis (depending on your account settings and who you follow). It’s therefore a great experience to try this in a risk free environment first and monitor the results yourself.

To get the most out of a social trading demo, it’s obviously best you try the same investment amount and risk level you would when using real money. Otherwise your expectations are unlikely to be met once you invest real money.

Currently the following social trading networks are offering free demo accounts:

ZuluTrade Demo Account

ZuluTradeClick here to try the free ZuluTrade demo account. The account is fully functioning and you can open it 5 base currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and RUB) and with a starting balance and leverage of your choice. It’s obviously best to open it in the base currency of your choice and with the amount you’re considering investing with real money. With regards to the leverage settings, unless you’re an expert trader, just leave this at 50:1. Once the account is opened have a look at our ZuluTrade signal provider selection tips and ZuluTrade money management tips. These will hopefully help you get started with selecting the traders to follow and the risk level account settings.

Open ZuluTrade Social Trading Practise Account


eToro Demo Account

eToroClick here to try the free eToro demo account. The eToro demo account allows you to invest $10,000 of virtual money. Your limitations are the same as with a real money account, i.e. you cannot invest more than 20% of your funds in one Guru and you can only copy a maximum of 10 Gurus. Once you have opened the eToro demo account, have a look at our eToro Guru selection tips and eToro risk & money management tips.

Please note that an eToro account manager may try to give you a sales call on the telephone number you leave when opening the demo account. There’s however completely no obligation for you to invest real money straight away and you can try and get comfortable with the demo for as long as you want. In case your eToro demo account starts running out of funds, eToro will periodically replenish it (hopefully we don’t need to clarify here that this will not happen with your live account).

Open an eToro social trading practise account

Ayondo Demo Account

AyondoClick here to try Ayondo’s free demo account. With their practice account you can create a portfolio of up to 5 of their “Top Traders” and evaluate the performance over 15 days. After 15 days you need to re-create the portfolio or create another one (unless you open a live account). You start with a capital of 1000 GBP or 1000 Euros of virtual money.

The demo account is fully functioning, giving you access to all the tools to evaluate Ayondo’s traders, simulate your portfolio, adjust your lot sizes and monitor your performance.

Tradeo Demo Account

Tradeo LogoTradeo also let’s you try their trading platform with a fully functioning demo account. You start with 50,000 of virtual money in your local currency. You can then trade yourself using their platform and use all their social interaction features. You can follow other traders and use your virtual money to copy their live trades direct from your ‘Social Feed’.

There’s no time limit on the demo account and you can keep it open as long as you want.

Darwinex Demo Account

DarwinexDarwinex launched in September 2014 as an innovative new social and copy trading service. Instead of directly following other traders, you buy DARWINs in those traders (a bit like shares). Access is still restricted and so far only limited amounts of investors have been accepted on their live service. However with our exclusive invite code (2dx214) or the sign up link below you can register for Darwinex and try their service and platform for free. This also means you’ll be first in line when more live investors are accepted on their platform. Their demo platform is totally free and gives access to try all their traders.

Tradency Mirror Trader Demo Account

TradencyThe practice Mirror Trader account lets you invest $10,000 or €10,000 of virtual money by mirroring trades of other traders. The practice account is fully functioning and gives you access to all the strategy providers a real account would.

Please note though that because Tradency doesn’t offer a demo via their own website, this one is provided by one of their brokers (AvaTrade). However, it’s totally free and without much hassle. I.e. you have to provide hardly any info and from our experience and feedback there are no follow up calls.

Even once you move to trading with real money, these demo trading accounts are very useful. We often still try traders first with our demo accounts before we follow them using real money.


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