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Become an eToro Popular Investor

Become eToro GuruTo make money as a trader on the eToro social trading network you have to join their Popular Investor Program. In essence what you’ll do is opening an eToro trading account and start trading with your own money (you can start from $50). You can trade all major Forex currency pairs as well as selected indices, commodities and share prices.

As you as you start trading with eToro someone can start copying you and your trading career can start. The rewards and payments you receive from eToro depend on the level you achieve within your trading career path.


You reach this level when you have at least 1 copier.

Your reward is two 50% deposit bonus offers (one after your first copier and one after your 5th). You also receive a 25% revenue share of the net revenues generated by the users you bring to eToro.

Rising Star:

You have a least 50 copiers.

You will receive a fixed monthly payment of $350. You still get the 25% revenue share on users you introduce. And you also get a 10% rebate on the net spreads to reduce your trading costs (this rebate is paid in eToro credits).


You have at least 250 copiers.

You receive a monthly payment of $1,000. You get 30% revenue share on users you bring to eToro. Your spread rebate increases to 50% and your own account will be upgraded to a “premium” account. This gives you a personal account manager and some other benefits.


You have at least $300,000 of copiers’ funds copying you.

You get paid 2% annually of copiers’ funds (AUM), paid monthly, or $1000, whichever amount is higher. You also get the 30% of the net revenues from new clients brought to eToro. You receive a full 100% rebate on your net spreads in eToro credits (so no markup). And your account will still be “premium”.

At elite level there’s basically no limit on how much money you can make.

You’ll find a full benefits comparison table here on the eToro “how to become a Popular Investor” page.

There are a few extra terms and conditions to be aware of as well:

  • Please note that eToro does not accept trading from users in the USA, Canada, Japan, Iran, Brazil, North Korea and Turkey, and any users residing in those countries can not join the Popular Investor program.
  • Popular Investors need to have uploaded and maintained at all times a real picture of themself and show their real name in their eToro profile. The picture and name shall have been confirmed by eToro’s Customer Support as matching the User’s passport/identification document name and picture.
  • Popular Investors need to maintain at all times an active real account (which received real deposit and not just eToro credit/bonus) and their profile shall at all times remain public and visible on the eToro.

eToro have changed their reward structure now a few times over the past few years. While initially there were some restrictions on realising the cash rewards (since most of them were paid as bonus credits which could only be realised into cash by executing more trades), these restrictions are now gone. Overall the changes have certainly made their Popular Investors program more transparent and appealing. Obviously once you get to the elite level there are some significant earnings possibilities if you have people copying you with large accounts. Unfortunately we don’t have visibility of the exact size of client accounts copying the Popular Investors, though from looking at other networks it’s reasonable to assume these can be easily $1 million plus. Especially since in July 2016 eToro already had over 5 million registered users!

In 2016 eToro also updated the ‘Popular Investor Dashboard’, which is the tool ‘Popular Investors’ use to manage their copiers and assets under management. The aim new dashboard is to increase transparency and  enable greater interactions between ‘Popular Investors’ and the people copying and investing in them. It includes the following components:

  • An overview section which shows the amount of copiers and assets under management and a chart displaying the numbers over time.
  • A customer relationship management (CRM) section which shows information about your current copiers and the ones who no longer copy you.
  • A page views section showing which people have viewed your Popular Investor profile page.
  • A finance section showing the latest invoices and payments received from eToro.
  • Other statistics such as net cash flow over a 30-day period, average copy amount & duration and copier profitability.

We believe that any tools and enhancements which help professional traders attract more copiers and allow them to build stronger relationships with them are positive additions to the platform.

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