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Become Currensee Trade Leader

Become a Currensee Trade Leader

CurrenseePlease not that Currensee was closed on October 31st 2014. We’ve left this page active for reference purposes.

If you want to make some extra money as a trader with Currensee, you’ll have to join their Trade Leader program. There are however a number of requirements traders have to meet before you can join their program:

  • You need a minimum of one year 10% per annum ROI in an existing Forex account you have been trading with.
  • You need a consistent track record of positive performance and be able to demonstrate a commitment to trading Forex professionally.
  • Once you have your Forex account linked to your Currensee account, you’ll need to generate six months of net positive performance tracked in the account.

To become a Currensee Trade Leader, you start by filling in and submitting a Trade Leaders application. This will be reviewed by Currensee as part of their Trade Leaders Due Diligence Process. If accepted, the first step will be to open up and connect your Forex brokerage account to your Currensee account.

As a Trade Leader you get paid a success fee each month of 15% of the profits that you generate for the accounts of the people that follow you, based on a high watermark. This means for example that if you generate $10,000 for the people that invest in you in month 1 you get paid $1,500. If you lose $5,000 in month 2 you don’t get paid. If you make $10,000 in month 3, you get paid $750 (because $5000 of your profit are set-off against your previous months losses to get back to your high water mark).

You can trade on all the major Forex currency pairs.

Please note that Currensee is very strict on the traders they accept and promote via their Trade Leaders program. It’s a very exclusive club and Currensee also periodically reviews the performance of the traders on their program and will remove any underperforming Trade Leader. However, because of the minimum investment requirements for the investors, the potential rewards if you’re a successful trader are very high. In addition, this income is in addition to your own trading profits, since you’ll be sending trade signals from your own trading account and those results won’t be impacted.

Click Here for the online application form and the information on the Currensee website on becoming a Trade Leader.