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Become Ayondo Top Trader

Become an Ayondo Top Trader

Become Ayondo Top TraderWho are the traders behind ayondo?

Anyone can become a top trader and you don’t need to trade with a real money account. The only criteria is that you have to prove that you can achieve a good performance at moderate risk during a minimum 1 month evaluation process:

  • you need to complete a minimum of 15 completed trades in those 30 days
  • your maximum drawdown cannot be larger than 25%
  • and your Performance after 30 days must be over 1,0%

Once you successfully pass these criteria (not performance based) you’ll appear under a user name and with an photograph of your choice (optional) in the Ayondo Top Traders list. You’ll also be classed as a ‘Street Trader’, the lowest level of the 5 career stages they use to identify and rank their traders. The next levels are Advanced, Professional, Risk-adjusted and Institutional. There’s a minimum period you stay within each career level and you move up to the next level dependent on your risk/reward profile. The earliest you can make Ayondo’s “Institutional” level is one year and the criteria are:

  •  you must complete at least 150 trades a year (min. 1 trade/month)
  • your maximum drawdown cannot be larger than 15%
  • and your yearly performance must be a minimum 8,0%

But be aware, your key data is continuously monitored and if you don’t adhere to the risk guidelines you drop down a level again. Ayondo introduced these career levels to protect customers against too high losses and support you in terms of risk management. The amount you get paid is also totally dependent on your career level and the platform pays you 1 to 5USD per trade per lot traded in followers accounts. Institutional level traders will receive additional performance fees.

As Top Trader you can trade in the following financial instruments:

  • indices (e.g. DAX, Dow Jones, S&P500 or FTSE100)
  • forex pairs (e.g. EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/GBP))
  • commodities (e.g. gold, silver, oil)
  • interest rates / bonds (e.g. Bobl Fut, Euribor Fut, Long Gilt Fut)
  • individual company shares (e.g. JP Morgan, Microsoft, Pfizer, Boeing)

While you can send signals from an demo account, plenty of traders have started trading from a live account because it enhances their profile and is likely to attract more followers. You get an “Ayondo Real Money Trader Badge”, which is displayed in your profile, when you have a live balance greater than 500 EUR or 500 GBP.

Currently you can only enter your trades via the the platform, but soon you can do this via MetaTrader as well. Click Here to visit Ayondo and sign up to become a Top Trader.

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