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About Us

About Us

At SocialTradingGuru, the previous years of experience we have in trading Forex, Commodities and Stocks as retail investors puts us in a good position to examine new investment opportunities. Social Trading Guru

What SocialTradingGuru provide should not be considered advice (if you need advice on whether social trading is for you, please contact a financial advisor). However the information on this site is based on unique experiences (good or bad) and are opinions. As often there is a gap between what hype would have you believe and the reality, we hope to bridge that gap and show you what you can expect. Social Trading offers very exciting opportunities, if you go in with realistic expectations and proper research.

We have grown from reviewing the early major social trading networks ZuluTrade, eToro, Currensee, Tradency and Ayondo, and continue to add further reviews once we get live accounts running for a few months because we want our reviews to be based on actual real-time experiences over a period of time and not just on one-off reviews of demo accounts.

We also provide tips based on our own experiences, which we believe may be useful for anyone considering investing on social trading networks or people already trading on social networks.

We don not consider our website to be one-way information and actively ask visitors to contribute by leaving their own comments. Everyone will have different experiences and by sharing them our collective knowledge will increase.

If for any reason you would like to contact us then please do so and we’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours. Please note though that we are no financial advisors and cannot give you advice.

We really hope that the SocialTradingGuru.com helps you whether you are new to social trading or an experienced trader.

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