ZuluTrade Traders (Signal Providers) to Copy and Follow

ZuluTrade Traders to FollowHere we discuss some of the traders (signal providers) which you can follow and copy in your ZuluTrade demo account. We include these here for educational purposes only and these do not constitute in any way investment advice.

We are not saying these are the best or top signal providers on ZuluTrade. What’s top or best will totally depend on your own investment goals which you need to discuss with your own independent financial advisor. We merely show how you can make an opinion of a signal provider based on some criteria you may have. In addition you may also consider having a look at our ZuluTrade Signal Provider reviews which you may find useful too.

The full thought process we go through when selecting ZuluTrade signal providers can be found in our tips section. In summary we:

  • look for Signal Providers with a proven profitable track record (ideally > 12 months)
  • traders with low historical drawdown
  • traders with high average pips per trade gains (otherwise you lose too much on slippage)
  • prefer traders who manually trade the market to those running an EA (automated system) and if they do, try to identify whether the trader will adjust or intercept their EA when the market requires too
  • like to look for short term strategy signal providers who manage their stop levels closely and open a limited amount of trades (which reduces drawdown)
  • have a higher preference to following ZuluTrade traders who trade with their own money
  • look for signal providers who have a clear description of their strategy and whose trades actually match their strategy. A bonus for those who actively keep their ZuluTrade followers informed on their approach and market view.

Last Updated: August 2017


LaserWinner has been running on ZuluTrade for 19 months and over this period have made over 5,700 pips, or about 300 pips per month. These gains were made against a maximum open trade drawdown of only 263 pips. That on it’s own is a very impressive statistic. However it’s important to look at the maximum account drawdown as well, which was about 1,000 pips in March 2017. This means historic account drawdown was about 3 times average monthly gains.

The average pip gains of this ZuluTrade trader are 11.2 per trade, which is very healthy. Average trade duration is 1 day which we like as well, since we don’t like traders who keep positions open for a very long duration (which normally leads to large drawdowns). On average only 1 or 2 trades are opened at the same time, though LaserWinner has opened a maximum of 12 at the same time in the past.

While the results seem to suggest this is a shorter to medium term strategy, LaserWinner describes it as a medium to long term strategy. Their ZuluTrade strategy description also mentions a maximum open trade number of 18. So while the performance seems to suggest a low historical risk, there’s however the potential of a larger drawdown in the future.

LaserWinner only focusses on the EUR/USD pair which is normally good because spreads on this popular pair are normally the lowest at most brokers. Historic slippage is also low.

We’re a bit surprised LaserWinner doesn’t have more followers at the moment. The profit of $7,500 they made for ZuluTrade clients so far is low, though if they continue their good form this is likely going to increase.

One reason the number of followers is still on the low end is because they’re sending their signals from a demo account. Hence they don’t risk their own money, only their own Zulu Trade commissions.

Please also note that LaserWinner is running their system as an EA (i.e. as an automated trading robot). Because they’ve not provided any updates in the past it’s not know if they intervene manually.

Hence as with most traders you might copy it’s always important to monitor open trades yourself and book profits (which you can now more easily do using ZuluTrade’s new Automator tool).

View LaserWinner’s full historical performance on ZuluTrade here


This trader has been on ZuluTrade for 72 weeks so far (so still relatively short) but has currently over $650,000 following their signals. They’ve also made over $15,000 profit for their live followers.

So far they made over 7,000 pips against a low open trade drawdown of only 165 pips. But again it’s important you calculate the maximum account drawdown yourself from the profit graph and this has been about 1,200. That means the maximum historic account drawdown equals 3 times the average monthly gains of 400 pips.

TrendFund’s average pips gain per trade of 8.2 pips is fair. However, please note that with 2 pips slippage experienced on some ZuluTrade partner brokers this means your potential profits may be reduced by 25%. Slippage is relatively high because this trader trades on 7 instruments, which means a higher changce of different spreads between their FXDD broker and yours.

Stop levels for each trade seem to be fixed at 60 pips. Hence risk is somewhat managed. However when deciding your lot copy size you need to consider that with up to 14 open trades, drawdown can still be relatively high.

TrendingFund’s system seems to run as an EA (trading robot). However from past updates on their ZuluTrade social feed it looks like they sometimes manually intervenes. E.g. they closed all positions before the weekend of the French elections to avoid being caught by high volatility.

Unfortunately this trader sends their signals to ZuluTrade via a demo account so except for risking their future commissions and reputation, it doesn’t look like they trade using their own money.

View TrendingFund trading history on ZuluTrade


This trader is at time of this update ranked #54 in the ZuluTrade ranking, but they’ve been ranked as has as #2 and still have a large amount of live money following them. And a trader which has posted 35 consecutive profitable months like “rjhgbjsdb” (easy name!) cannot be ignored from being mentioned here.

Because we have the hindsight of having mentioned rjhgbjsdb here before it’s worth noting that they no longer mention their profit targets, stop levels and expected drawdowns in their strategy description. In the past rjhgbjsdb mentioned a target maximum of -600 pips and for most of the time they stayed within that target. However in January 2016 their drawdown went over -1,500 pips before the market turned again in their favour. The same happened in November 2016 as well. They also opened more trades than they usually do during those months.

Anyone who reads our tips and has followed this page a lot will know we always mention that historical drawdown and even the expected drawdown mentioned in strategy descriptions should only be used as a guide. It’s always possible a trader changes their strategy. Hence why regular monitoring is important.

In terms of rjhgbjsdb, while a 35 month winning streak obviously looks attractive there are a few things to consider. Firstly, they only send their signals from a demo account – i.e. they don’t risk their own money on the trades, just their potential future earnings/commissions. Rjhgbjsdb also only made about $8,000 profit in total for their top 5 ZuluTrade followers. Based on the very consistent trade history this may sound a bit surprising. However investors may feel the relative low monthly returns don’t  warrant risking high investments for the potential risk.

And yes, if you only look over the past year’s performance you’ll notice that the average monthly returns were slightly under 140 pips against a drawdown of over -1,050. I.e. the risk taken for the relatively low returns clearly make this trader less attractive. Average pips per trade return over the past years was also only 5, which, once you take into account any slippage is fairly low.

View rjhgbjsdb full historical result here

In addition to the above more established signal providers, here are some newer ZuluTrade traders on our watchlist which we hope to review once they’ve been trading a bit longer and maintain their current performance and risk management approach:

And don’t forget, there’re more social trading platforms than just ZuluTrade. So for more ideas on who to follow you can also look at our best traders to copy section.

As mentioned above, you may want to have a look at our detailed ZuluTrade trader reviews as well. While we haven’t done any for a while, these will still give you some further ideas on what to look for when you analyse the traders you consider to follow and copy.

Please be aware that past results are not necessarily indicative of future ones. When trading on ZuluTrade (or other social trading networks) you may lose some or all of your initial investment. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose as there’s no guarantee against loss.

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  1. I agree with you and follow my self both Kama-Spot and FX Profit Runner.
    On my demo account I noticed that Saved FX had actually lower DD than Kama-Spot. That’s interesting and maybe has something to do with more trades to open before you corner yourself.

    Qurenix seems to have a bit too high risk for my appetite and EURO Scalper I has been performing poorly for the last months. I suggest the you review EURO Scalper I again to confirm its performance!

    I have found few promising and hopefully consistent low risk traders: Azar Consulting and T.C.Y.
    And here are two possible challengers for this category: EUReka V and MyEURZulu.
    All these has low DD and they try to conserve capital closing losses quickly.

    Than you for a great site and insightful reviews that have helped me a lot!

    • Social Trading Guru says:

      Many thanks for the nice feedback and for the suggestions. We’ll definitely have a look at them in the next few days and potentially do some full reviews on them as well.

      With regards to the DD difference between Saved FX and Kama-Spot it has indeed to do with the combination of the number of open trades and the market movements. Saved FX tends to open more trades than Kama-Spot, and they’re normally added to already losing positions. If the market quickly turns after the extra positions have been added, the DD of Saved FX will reduce much quicker than the one of Kama-Spot because the additional positions will become profitable and therefore help reducing the DD from the initial open trades more quicker. However … if the market didn’t turn (there’s never a guarantee) the DD of Saved FX would be increasing at a much higher pace than Kama-Spot. Hence with 11 vs 5 open trades we would still expect a higher DD for Saved FX in the future.

  2. steadyandras says:

    Hi. When I first discovered the Zulutrade website I almost fainted..The top traders are just mostly gamblers. If you see the top 10 SP’s in the amount following column, I guess only two has strict strategy. So as a trader I decided to register as an SP.I wrote down my strategy I have strict money management and I make a comment on each trade with the SL and TP levels, and I wrote down why did I opened that position. You can visit my profile at zulutrade my SP’s name is the same as my nickname here.I experienced that not only the SP’s don’t know what should they do.. I always write down my target price but the followers are afraid of losses and they close it with small profits.I don’t like small profits. I like small losses BECAUSE WE NEED SMALL LOSSES TO AVOID HUGE LOSSES and I like huge profits.I would be happy if you have questions about my strategy:) bye steadyandras

    • Social Trading Guru says:

      Hi. Thanks for the feedback. Your approach and strategy sounds good. So far there’s only 2 weeks of trading history to look at for us, but we’ll definitely keep an eye on your progress from now on. Good luck and hopefully we can feature/review you on the Social Trading Guru website in the near future.

  3. Kama is having a draw down of 650 pips right now and positions are opened 5 days. I believe he should have closed these trades and accept the losses. I hope i am wrong but seems that this trader doesn’t protect followers capital, only cares for his statistics. Rarely communicates with his followers.

  4. Thanks for the update list.
    Excellent performance for “The good life1″. I don’t like that he doesn’t communicate and I agree that strategy description is poor.

  5. Steven Kolov says:

    Hey Kurt,

    I’m Steve, ex-Trader rapidly changing in to an infopreneur & investor.

    First of all I must thank you for the great service you’ve done so far. I used to be a follower, reader or a fan of your blog for a long time. Just decided to log-in & comment about few things I’ve noticed!

    NewProfitsWave isn’t going to be a good pick at all. I myself followed him for sometime & discovered that he’s using premature intuition to take his trading decisions along with confluence from weekly charts as he updated his exponential moving average based trading strategy few days back. All of us know that weekly charts are not going to give an advantage for a signal provider unless there’s some luck come in to play. Frequent high draw-downs from weekly charts can chase away loyal follower base in few days. Current drawdown of 1000 pips makes me, duh! :D

    About niuniueurox3,
    Are they same as ejirixiantup? I havn’t followed this guy.

    Keep us posted about new opportunities too!

    Thanks again.

    • Social Trading Guru says:

      Hi Steve,

      Many thanks for the comments. Fully agree on NewProfitsWave (hence why it’s important to evaluate after 6 months and not after a few weeks :-)

      While their accounts are not linked (“also know as”) in ZuluTrade, those two traders you mention definitely look the same (and not just the pictures). Main difference is that one trades the EUR/USD pair and the other one the EUR/JPY pair (and one uses a live account and the other a demo). Since it seems they’re using an EA, it could well be the same EA being used on two different pairs. Still early days though for a full review or to make a proper opinion about either of these two providers.

  6. Excellent choices, that’s my portfolio except Newwave. Keep up the great work!

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