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Ayondo Review: What Is Ayondo?

Ayondo Social Trading NetworkLaunched in 2009, Ayondo is a social trading network and platform that was developed by traders for traders.


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A Social Trading Network That Lets You Copy Traders And Other Followers

They currently have over 40,000 members who use Ayondo to follow what they call “Top Traders”. Traders can trade in a wide range of Forex currency pairs, commodities (Oil, gold, silver, …), indices (US 30, US 500, US Tech 100, UK 100, DE 30, …), interest rates/bonds (Euribor Fut, Long Gilt Fut, …) and individual company shares (Chevron, Microsoft, Starbucks, …). Members can use the Ayondo rankings to find the traders they like to follow based on past performance and risk indicators.

Can You Get a Free Demo Account With Ayondo?

Joining Ayondo is free, and as a member you can view the performance and trades from over 500 traders on their network in real-time. You can create a portfolio of up to 5 traders and simulate the performance based on historic trade data. If you’re happy with your portfolio you can decide to execute it on your demo account (click here to try the Ayondo demo) or live account. Ayondo live accounts are opened with their fully integrated partner broker Gekko. Unlike most other social trading networks, Ayondo doesn’t just let you follow and copy other traders, but they also allow you to copy other followers.

How To Become a “Top Trader”

Anyone can join Ayondo to try to become “Top Trader” and make some extra money from their trading skills. Ayondo ranks traders over 5 different career stages based on their risk/return profiles. Remunerations are based on the career level, from 1 to 5USD per lot executed in follower accounts. The first career stage (street trader) can be reached after 30 days and a minimum of 15 trades during which period Ayondo evaluates the trader’s risk management (drawdown must be < 25%) and performance (P/L must be at least 1%). Better risk management and performance will get the trader to the next Ayondo career levels (highest level being ‘Institutional’). Traders can send trade signals manually from an Ayondo markets real money account or from a demo account.

What Does it Cost to Trade With Ayondo?

There’re no fees to pay for joining Ayondo or for following and copying their “top traders”. The only cost to you is the spread you pay to your broker (e.g. 2 pip per trade on EUR/USD) and any broker roll costs (if trades are left over overnight). Ayondo receive part of the broker spread which they use to pay the “top traders” and to run their business.

What Are Ayondo’s Deposit Minimums?

Currently you can open Ayondo accounts in Euros, GBP and USD and in theory you can start copying other traders with as little as 100 Euro. However, if you like to follow more than 1 trader this is fairly unrealistic and a minimum account balance of 500 to 1000 Euros is slightly more realistic. Having started in Germany, the Ayondo social trading network is currently expanding rapidly throughout Europe. They also become the first social trading network to offer social trading to UK spread betting customers.

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